What kind of binary options offers TopOption?

In addition to the classical ones, such as the High/Low, the Sixty seconds and the One touch, there are a lot of choices on the expiring time options, such as the ten minutes options as well as the fiftheen, the tirthy and the one hour option.


And, moreover, end of the day, weekends, and end of the month option are available, too. Some more trade options that this broker supplies and that are less common to find, are the Stock Pair, the Double up and the Sell Option. So the trader can choose their option depending both on the risk they want to run and, of course, on the competence they have. In fact, for those more skilled (and somethimes for the lucky ones) the payout can reach profits up to eighty-five per cent. All the trades can be done both on pc or on mobile devices, as TopOption broker run on several operative systems, such as iOS (for iPhone), Android, Mac OS and Windows. And are available in some of the most spoken european languages, such as English, Italian, French, German, Spanish, Czech, Polish and Russian. As regards the not european languages, both Arabic and Japanese are available. More infos you will find on Binary24.de