What kind of binary options offers TopOption?

In addition to the classical ones, such as the High/Low, the Sixty seconds and the One touch, there are a lot of choices on the expiring time options, such as the ten minutes options as well as the fiftheen, the tirthy and the one hour option.


And, moreover, end of the day, weekends, and end of the month option are available, too. Some more trade options that this broker supplies and that are less common to find, are the Stock Pair, the Double up and the Sell Option. So the trader can choose their option depending both on the risk they want to run and, of course, on the competence they have. In fact, for those more skilled (and somethimes for the lucky ones) the payout can reach profits up to eighty-five per cent. All the trades can be done both on pc or on mobile devices, as TopOption broker run on several operative systems, such as iOS (for iPhone), Android, Mac OS and Windows. And are available in some of the most spoken european languages, such as English, Italian, French, German, Spanish, Czech, Polish and Russian. As regards the not european languages, both Arabic and Japanese are available. More infos you will find on Binary24.de

Forex money management tips

Money management in Forex trade is what distinguishes somebody who is experienced in this trade and an amateur. Despite the fact that traders know the importance of money management very few of them actually practice. The laborious nature of this task and the fact that it requires a lot of attention makes most traders shy away.

Trading Forex needs strict money management; it is what differentiates this trade with gambling. Managing money well is the only way that a trade can make money, there are no two way about it. Doing it any other way will lead to disastrous effects such as getting a small profit margin or even going at a loss. This stresses on the need to have good money management skills in this trade.

Money management tips

It is important to know that when trading money there are chances that will win some money, or may loose. Losing money in this trade is normal, therefore one should not be discouraged, and it is part of the game. It also at times happens to those who have been in this trade for long and have the necessary skills and experience. Given that anyone can lose money in this game, the management skills that come in hand especially those who are new in the market.
Before starting to trade one should ask himself or herself the amount they are willing to risk. It is worth noting that this is a matter of risk, this is basically saying that one should not risk an amount that you are not willing to loose. This safeguards you in case the market reacts in a way that you did not expect. Despite the fact that this business is all about taking risks, money management rules dictates that one should risk an amount which is reasonable according to their own terms.

There are lessons that one should learn while in this trade, the first one is trying by all means to prevent the risks in the Forex market through stop losses.

The second tip is to avoid risking more than one percent of the initial capital. It requires high level of discipline to achieve this. The first management method helps in generation of several instances of psychological pain. The second management strategy provides several small instances of joy but at a risking of facing a few bad psychological hits. Having a wide stop strategy exposes the trader to chances of losing a week or even a month profits in just one or two trades.
The method which is chosen by any particular trader greatly depends on the individual personality; each trader has to discover what works best for them. Forex market accommodates the two styles equally well without the trader incurring any extra cost. Given that the Forex is largely based as a spread market, the cost of every transaction is similar in all cases regardless of trader’s position.

Money management involves setting the rules and following them strictly, if one of them is bent, the trader will not get the targeted amount of profits. The kind of rules that are set should rhyme well with the strategy that one chooses. This means that the trader should carefully consider the trading strategy and come use it to come up with the necessary rules. It is understandable that different strategies would require different money management rules.

Money management is important in any investment and more so trading forex, the kind of risk involved in this activity calls for extra caution but on the other hand one should be willing to take risks in order to succeed in this trade. It necessary to learn money management skills as they come in handy when trading Forex, this should be done before one starts trading.The learning process should continue ,with the trader looking to polishing the skills,Learning from those who are good at money management can offer good lesson,those that have worked and lead to their success.

What is Forex trading

To understand what a Forex trading is, we must for first explain what a Forex is. The term Forex derives from Foreign Exchange Market and is reffered to as Forex or FX or currency market. It is the market for the trading of the currency, and it involves all the buying and selling among the greater international banks. In particular, a great role in Forex is played by the National Central Banks that should have the role to control money supply or inflation.

So the Forex trading represent the trade of the different currencies. Of course, the trade is to be considered among different countries that have different currencies. Let’s see an example: in the great part of Europe, the currency is the Euro, while in England the currency is the Pound. So, if we buy the Euro and in the same time we sell the Pounds, or vice versa, we are are operating a Forex trading.

So simple?

Naturally, it is not so simple because, usually, you can not operate by yourself in the forex trading (www.binary24.de/forex) but you have to do it through a broker or throug a market maker. But what you can do is to select the two currencies you want to work on and when you want to do the trading.

Your order can be very fast, as the broker doesn’t need to go somewhere neither to meet any people or speak about the change of currency: everything is done in a couple of click on some terminal that pass your trade to the Interbank Market. So you can gain or loss money depending on the choice of the currency you trade in. In fact the currencies change their relative value during the days, teh week, the months and the year, so, for example, you can buy the pounds in march and sell them in june to obtain a gain. Let’s see how. Consider that in march you buy 2000 euro: you purchase them in pounds so you will spend about 1600 pounds. If you sell these euros when their value is greater, that means the exchange is advantageous, you can sell the same 2000 euro for the price of 1700 euro, that means that you have gain one hundred euro. But if you work vice versa and buy pounds, you have lost one hundred euro.

So if you trust the wrong booker, you can loose money in this ‘game’. The rise and fall of the prices are not casual, but depends on several economics, financial and politics factors, but also on natural events, such as earthquakes, or floods that a good brooker should understand, but that, as it is easy to imagine, sometimes are not predictable. And probably this is the reason for which the forex trading is considered exciting by a lot of people: the trade market is a risk.

We have said that there are no place where operate, neither person to meet: in fact the forex market has not offices neither a location, but operates on a network of banks and businesses that could grow or reduce everytime. This is one of the most peculiar feature of the forex, while the other one is that it operate twenty four hour a day. In fact, it involves the market of all the world that belong to different time zones: it opens on Monday morning, following the time zone of New Zeland (the first country that see the morning on monday) and it close on Friday following the time zone of New York (the last to see the friday evening).

The Forex trading is connected to a several related terms that are used in the forex language and that are fundamental to better understand the Forex itself. Let’s see some of them.